Big Brother Returns With Celebrities

So tonight is the launch of the new Celebrity Big Brother, there’s been no leaks across the internet as to who will be entering the house or any suggestions in general. Since Big Brother moved over to channel 5 its ratings had decreased across the board, with this being their 2nd Celebrity edition its puts the question whether its out run.

Big Brother initially had been running on channel 4 with host Davina McCall for roughly 7 years seeing Davina give birth to all her children. As new host ex Big Brother winner Brian Dowling hosts the show it makes people wonder if it will soon flop.

The new series starts tonight at 9pm so tune in to see which “celebrities” will be included, and if they’re actually celebrities and not page three models.

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New things From Today

So I went in the deep end and got another piercing today, I got my nose pierced which only cost me £10 and was done with a gun. I felt just a pinch and made my eyes water a little but it was fine besides that. My nose didn’t bleed either compared to most people so that was good. I’m sorry if the photo is not so clear literally just taken it.



Along with that I got my acrylic nails re-done again with a peach nail polish and I purchased some Jeffrey Campbell knock off stingers for £40 in River Island, will do more about the shoes in a later post but here’s a quick picture of them for you all.

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Get To Know Me & Vlog #1

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All Time Low New Music Video

Over the past few days the boys of Pop-Punk band All Time Low have been tweeting regarding their upcoming music video, fans are unaware whether this will be another unheard song from the new album due out in October called ‘Don’t Panic’.

So far one single has been released from the album named Reckless And The Brave’ the song landed an instant hit with fans across the board so this could be the song for the video, or they could be treating their fans before the album release. Which ever it is I’m looking forward to it myself and wish the boys had a fun time shooting it.

Final scenes were shot over the duration of today, all coming to an end when lead vocalist, Alex Gaskarth tweeted “Wrapped on the video! I’m so stoked. Now we wait while it all comes together.” The release date in unknown much like everything connected to this music video, however I do have a photo which shows the guys shirtless. So without further ado, here it is.

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YOUTUBE | Quick Update

I was meant to be filming a vlog today with my cousin but plans were changed so I though I’d just do a little update of what videos are to come this weekend.

DIY | Food Jar To Money Saver

I’ve seen a few photos over the past week of old styled jars with writing across such as ‘Ticket Money’ and ‘Savings’ I like the idea of having something to store money that can also act as room decor. Trying to actually get one of these jars can be a burning hole in your pocket, so I’ve took it upon myself to do my own cheap version.

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Just another upload from my Youtube channel,  I changed the background with some new things from around my bedroom and did some rubbish editing ha. Proper post will be up tomorrow evening.

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